StepOne Gear: Athletic focused clothing line.
Enso: Martial arts school.
Syberos: Network monitoring and security services.
EPIK: Film and design group with a focus on skateboarding and wakeboarding.
BudoBeer: Nano brewery in the Kansas City area.
Hakari: Massage therapy, acupuncture and energy work.
Alignment Business Consulting: Business consultant with a focus on operations for client-facing areas of the business.
Northland Actors Ensemble: A community service organization focused on bringing the best theatrical productions to the city.
Prodigy Golf: Golf and fitness coach.
Aerocharger Ballistics: Suppressor and firearms accessories manufacturer.
HumanRoot: Talent management executive, coach, and consultant.
Harrison Shooter Supply: Hunting and firearms distributor.
Harris & Scarborough: Attorneys at law.
Java Deli: A local coffee and sandwich shop.
Cedar Brooke: Community and home owners association.
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